Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Craft Show or Not to Craft Show?

I know I think I'm late for any craft shows this year anyway.  I have done 3 craft shows in the past but I only sold crafty things. Crafty things such as; guitar pick earrings, heating pads, kid's ice packs....that sort of thing.  Well I have come to the relization that I don't really enjoy making those things, they just sell a lot faster than original artwork.  Now that I'm full on doing my artwork and getting into making prints, I'm wondering if I want to throw down the money to make prints to do an arts & crafts show.  Am I going to dig myself a money pit?  When you see artwork, it's always displayed in a wonderful professional way.  Well, I would want to jazz it up a little bit.  make it more funky and exciting for people. 

Has anyone done an arts and craft show with their artwork and prints? How well did you do?  How was your setup? 


  1. I can't help you out, sorry, but I am asking the same question - so I am looking forward to your readers' replies!

  2. i recently talked to somebody who's got good success at art shows. she sells really low priced items though.

    i have also never participated in a show and am interested in finding out how it's been working out for others.
    once i asked some participants and some said it's been very slow and others who said it was going great somehow seemed to be exaggerating.