Tuesday, March 6, 2012

HAIR! Tutorial!

It was a bit windy outside...

Ok, so this has been a hairstyle I have always tried to do but haven't been able to. I have fine hair and a lot of it. Problem is I need a can of hairspray to keep a curl. Can anyone else relate?! Anyway, I am on pinterest all the time finding inspiration for my (soon to be) home and all sorts of other things, hair being one of those. If you're on pinterest at all you have probably run into this girl's blog. I watched a video tutorial from her blog, so please go check it out!

I learned many things from her site such as I have been curling my hair incorrectly all this time and how to not mess with the hair right after you make a ringlet. Let it cool first before tossling it. Go figure. Browse her site she has a ton of tutorials.

Here are some tips for you gals like me with fine uncurlable hair when doing this hairstyle. I didn't drench my hair in hairspray. I was sceptic at first, but it is staying in. I just did a little spray after I curled every section. Also. I put some products in my hair BEFORE blowdrying it. I like to use "Big and Sexy" root plump. I put this on my roots right before I blowdry my hair. I also put a little hairspray in it before blowdrying it. You can also go one more step more and put some gel in beforehand. Those two steps alone seemed to work fine for me. If you have LONG fine hair and have a hard time keeping curl, you may not be as successful. I just cut off 6 in. of hair, so it is much easier to curl now. If you do have a secret for keeping curl in your fine hair without it looking crunchy, please share!!

Will be going back to blonde before the baby comes! :)