Monday, February 13, 2012

Palette Knife Painting...How the heck do you do that?!

I've got myself obsessed with another art form. This one started up while in the middle of trying to close on a house and my mother offering us their burgundy recliner. This changed up my whole color palette idea for our hopefully soon to be living room. I have painted poppies before with oils...see picture below...

This painting is only 11 X 14 and though I could print it out bigger on canvas, I wanted something different and exciting. So I did a little research on etsy for some inspiration. This is what I found.

Can you say GORGEOUS?? This was done by a woman named Christine Krainock. You can find her etsy shop at I have seen art like this in Warm Springs, GA and I remember admiring it then. I decided I wanted to try and do a similar painting on a larger scale. So I did some research and bought the stuff. WELL, turns out I cannot find "how to" palette paintings anywhere online like Christine's and the couple I met in Warm Springs. So I'm going at this alone and experimenting....which sucks. The problem I'm having is getting the petals down in one "swoop". Other palette paintings I've seen have many strokes to them, but I like the cleaner look best. So where I'm at now, is I have no clue how she gets her petals on so cleanly. I tried a baby spoon...all the knives and they look like crap. I've been thinking in my head, "Maybe I just need to practice more with the knives.....or mix my paint and gel together and put it in an icing bag....dopple on dots and drag them out with the tool!" Drastic? Maybe, but it's getting to that point. I would love to buy one of her paintings, but I would feel best saying...."yeah, I did that!" when people ask me where I got it. :) Are you trying anything new? Please share!

*UPDATE* - I've been thinking about how to do this all day. I even thought about using a baby bottle nipple to make the smooth petals. Then I thought..."Come on, Ashley. Who says you can't use a paintbrush?". So, on that note, when Anya goes to bed tonight, I'm going to attempt those petals with a paintbrush. My hands know how to move a paintbrush a whole lot better than those knives! I'll keep you updated on how things are going!