Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Harris Teeter Trip

Wow this was a great trip for me! I spent $128.00 and saved $101.00! This month is a true month of couponing for me. My husband and I are trying to stay on a gerocery budget of $200.00 every 2 weeks starting next month. I have been keeping log since the beginning of last month to see exactly how much I'm saving now from when I wasn't couponing. Last month we spent $800.00 on groceries while we have only spent $366.00 this month! That's pretty good considering this trip I just made should carry us through the end of the month. What did I buy on this trip? Here goes!

* 2 bags of Chex Mix
* 2 20lb bags of Pedigree Dog Food
* 2 boxes of Pop Secret Popcorn
* 2 boxes of angel hair pasta
* 1 container of taco seasoning
* 3 pack of tuna
* 2 boxes of mac n' cheese
* 1 box of HT Grahams Crackers
* 2 cans of HT Cream of Celery
* 2 cans of HT Cream of Mushroom
* 2 bags of HT Kettle Corn Chips
* 4 jars of Spaghetti Sauce
* 6 lbs of ground beef
* 1 Value package of Leg Quarters
* 3 packages of Perdue Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
* 1 Pack of Pork Chops
* 2 White Garlic
* 1/4 seedless watermelon
* 3 lemons
* 2 packages of strawberries
* 1 5lb Russet Potatoes
* 1 box Kahiki Eggrolls
* 1 bag of Rhodes warm n' serve rolls
* 1 Bag Tyson grilled chicken
* 1 box Lasagna
* 3 box of Kids cuisine meals
* 1 box Digorno Pizza w/ Wings
* 2 bags of HT shredded cheese
* 1 pack Dan-o-nion yogurt
* 1 HT Large Eggs
* 2 packs Sara Lee Lunch Meat
* 1 pack of Pepito tortillas
* 1 box band-aids
* 1 Tic Tacs
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  1. You go girl!!! Do you have Super Doubles this week too??

  2. Oh yes we do! I learned to go to the meat section first though. i was lucky to get 3 packs of the B1G1 chicken breasts. All the B1G1 beef was gone too. I went at 7 am.

  3. Hi,

    Don't you think that most of that is junk food ?
    Better eat fish, soup and vegetables :-)

    Kind regards,


  4. I thought that's how it would be too, Jose, but it's not. On a previous trip I got all my vegitables. Lowes Food had a great deal on their frozen veggies! The chicken is a light and fit chicken and I do have some tuna in there. (We're not big fish eaters). If you know how to cook, you can always make something that's usually unhealthy and make it a healthy, well balanced meal. ONe thing my mother taught me was to make a well balanced meal with a lot of colors to offer! I struggled with this thought of "everything is going to be unhealthy!" when I started couponing. I quickly learned that it's all about eating whole wheat and whole grains and what you use in you ingredients to cook. Along with portion control, no snacking and excercise you can keep a nice figure without living off carrots and lettuce. I went from a weight of 165 to 135 lbs by doing this and kept it off.

    While couponing I quickly learned to buy things when they're at their best price. Even if that means going to Harris Teeter today for their great deal on vegitables, Food Lion Tomorrow for their deals on meat, CVS the next day for their great deals on toilet paper and so on and so forth.