Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, Monday

Good morning everyone!  I'm excited to start this blog and am hoping for some followers!  I plan on doing a giveaway here soon and want to start promoting other shops from Etsy.  I think it will be more effective though if I get some followers, don't you??  haha.  So that's what I'm doing at this moment along with finishing up a painting I started about 5 years ago in college.  It was one fo those paintings that you start and get so sick of because it's just not turning out the way you want it and the semester was almost over, so you scrap it for the time being.  Well i decided to pick it back up and am more excited about it now than I was when I started it years ago.  It's turning out fantastic!  I can't wait to share it with you guys!

So another week means another shopping week.  I clipped my coupons out and am ready for Harris Teeter's souper double coupon week!  My husband and I just moved up here from Georgia about 2 months ago and we never had a Harris Teeter.  Although I have to say grocery prices are higher up here than back at home.  This Sunday I went on a diaper run at CVS.  I got a big box of Pamper's diapers, jumbo Huggies pack of diapers, Big refill bag of Huggies diapers and two boxes for Cheez-Its for 27.00!  I saved 46%! 

Do you coupon??  What deals have you found??


  1. Can't say that I coupon lately. We are such bad shoppers too. I'll stop at the store on my way home from and so will Hubby and we will come home to find that we both bought some of the same stuff. We could probably cut our grocery bill in half. Thre's only two of us.

    Good luck on your new blog!

  2. This is my first real month doing it. So far I have saved a lot. If you work I can imagine it being difficult to really stick to couponing. I probably wouldn't do it if I worked.

  3. i love coupons and whatever offers... i sometimes ask the retailers if they are having offer. oh well, i'm pretty thick-skin. =P