Saturday, June 25, 2011

PaPa's Getaway

Every now and again I get some great ideas during my sleep.  I love getting those kinds of ideas because they always turn out to be the best!  So as of right now I have 3 paintings lined up in my head. I have one drawn out on canvas ready to go. Of course it's art nouveau inspired! Come on people I'm obsessed. The second one is either the one I dreamed up (which is also art nouveau inspired), or a landscape painting of my lake house in GA.

Ok, here's the story of my lake house. My great grandfather. PaPa Judy, built it while my grandmother was pregnant with my dad. So it's an old building. We went there every summer and it's always been the best place to go with family to hang out, swim, fish, boat and have some great food!  We would have so many people here at one time at this little cabin, it was great! I can't help but think of my great grandparents every time I go. The sad thing is, my grandmother cannot keep up the payments anymore and is going to put it up for sale after this year.  The whole family is upset over this and I have cried over this myself.  So my husband, myself and Anya are making the truck down there for the 4th of July. The fireworks are amazing! Our neighbors on each side of us have a huge show every year in a competition. So we sit on our dock and get front row seats every year!  While we're down there I'm going to take some pictures so I can paint it.  It will probably be the most heart felt, emotional painting I will ever do. 

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  1. Sorry you will have to put it up for sale, sounds like you have some wonderful cherished memories :)

    Your newest follower,