Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Work IN Progress + Arts and Crafts Shows

Ok, so I started this painting before I left for GA over the weekend.  I got pretty far when I got back. Especially after the Casey Anthony trial ended, which BTW I'm pissed about the outcome.  Anywho, This piece is close to being done. I've got a nouveau border to paint around her and some butterflies along with touching her up.  The border is going to be incorperated along with her and what she is sitting on.  Confused?  You will see when I'm done!

So my previous post was "To craft show or not to craft show", or something of that matter.  Over the weekend my husband and I were talking in the car and this came up.  I told him how I would like to do it but it was going to be more money than I will probably make, but I like doing them and it's good for publicity.  Well, he then made a good point. He said "I don't care if you make any money off of it. You like to do it, right? You enjoy it? I don't make any money off of fishing, but I spend money on it because I like doing it". So that's that....I'm going to do it next year!  I'm going to try and kick it up to high gear and get a lot of paintings done.  I plan on entering the Lazy Daez show here in NC. They have to accept you first so *fingers crossed*. 

Here is my newest "work in progress".......

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