Thursday, July 14, 2011

Enjoy - Finished My Painting!

So this is more of a design/realism painting.  I think you call it figurative realism?  I'm not sure.  With this particular painting I mushed together different Mucha prints.  For example the girl's left arm is from a different Mucha girl holding a different cup.  It's a cup I found in my pantry, more elegant than the beer cup in the original.  The girl's hair is different than the original, the original had her wearing a headband, so I painted her some fire red hair and tossled it up for that morning look.  I wanted her to be looking at something, so I peppered some butterflies here and there.  The design that is framing her in is probably one of my favorite parts.  Mucha rarely had symmetrical designs which is something I love. I hand painted every line. No measuring, no ruler. Just my hand, a tiny paint brush and my eyeballs.  All I gotta do is take a really good picture of it without a glare and put it up on Etsy!  If you want to visit my shop you can go to  or if you want to see all my artwork you can go to my facebook page at!/pages/The-Sketchy-Easel/195620920486042  Don't forget to "like" me when you're there!!

I hope all is well with you