Friday, July 22, 2011

Arts and Craft Show Ideas and Sexy Aprons, what?????

OK, so here it goes again.  My whole post just got deleted. Don't you hate it when that happens?  So I have some ideas for my arts and crafts show I'm doing next year.  I believe your booth display is just as important as the items you're selling.  You want to get people in your booth and keep them there.  So I'm going to use the colors pink and black again or Tiffany blue and black so it's not too girly.  Also I was shocked that I didn't see any artist doing their craft in the booth when I went to a show here in town.  So I'm going to bring my easel, canvas, paints and brushes. Hopefully this will bring people in my booth and get them more interested in buying my art.  I will definately be selling prints no question.  Also, I am trying to think of a completely different way to display my work than the norm.  Also, I ran accross this shop on Etsy called Dot's Diner.  She sells the cutest retro 50's style aprons.  Normal art aprons are bulky plastic things or just plain ugly.  So I'm going to save up and get one of these sexy little numbers! I'll probably wear capris under them with a tank top. I don't want to offend anyone at the show. lol!  I know you're thinking "Wont you get paint all over it?  I'll probably get a little bit of paint, but overall I'm a pretty clean painter so I'm not too worried about it.  Also, I think it gives it a little bit of character.  Below I have listed some of her items that I adore. Go visit her shop at .

Do you have any crative ideas to display art in an arts and crafts show?  I would love to know!


  1. Great ideas, thinking outside the booth!

  2. I really love it. I have so much interest in art easel . Thanks for sharing this.