Wednesday, July 27, 2011

E-mail Time Capsule For Your Kids

Ok, I ripped this idea off of a commercial, but I thought it was a fantastic idea and had to try it.  I call it an e-mail time capsule.  Where you open up an email for your child and write to them during their lifetime until you finally give them the address and password.  So I opened up an account for Anya and started writing to her. Here I will guide you on how to go about doing this time capsule.

1. Make an E-Mail account for your child. Don't put their real birthday as they will not accept it because they're too young! Make one up, or put in your own.

2. Write down your child's username and password so you don't forget 18 years from now when you finally want to give it to them.

3. When you start writing to them, you have to be careful because you can easily get off track and start talking to them like their teenagers already. "Please don't do drugs". "This is what I hope for you..." Remember, they will be reading this when they're older and when they will appreciate it.  They will probably already have been through your lectures and have experienced half the things you want to warn them about.  I have already gone through this in my emails to her and constantly have to remind myself to stop doing that! 

4. Focus on the main points of what we're going through, today.  What was the highlight of your week?  Did you take him/her to the park?  Did you go on vacation?

5. You don't want to write every day because then your child will have a million emails to read when you decide to give them this great gift. Keep it to once every two weeks or just when a big event happens. Or when something great/funny happens that you think he/she will find it interesting to know.

6. Add pictures!  Did you take pictures on that vacation you were on?  Did you take pictures of the Easter egg hunt he/she had? What about when they ate a bug?  Add these pictures, it will only add to the fun of reading these emails.

7. At the end of some emails I would add a section called "Fun Facts about You". Here I will write such things as, "You love to play with your daddy's dirty socks when he gets home from work" or "You love to dance and be tickled".  Always make it in the present time.....and yes my daughter has a fascination with my husband's nasty sweaty socks. Don't ask me why.

8.  You can give this to them as a graduating gift or whenever you feel like they will appreciate it.  Think of a creative way to present it to them. They will thank you for it and have a blast reading it as an adult.

God Bless! 


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  1. My kids are grown and there wasn't email when they were younger but I love this idea. Perhaps I can use the idea being a grandma?

  2. You most definately can do this for your grandchildren! You can write to them about how much you spoiled them when mom and dad weren't around! lol! :)