Monday, November 21, 2011

Throw out your scale NOW!

Please pardon the no make up and sock bun! I'm multitasking by cleaning the house and doing laundry. Anyway! Wow! I have been doing the modified Britney workout for about 2 weeks now. 5 days a week. I have GAINED a pound but lost 1/2 in. So I weigh 146 now. I have been doing 150 - 200 crunches a day depending on when Anya wakes up. Flutter kicks and hip raises along with arm workouts. I have been doing about 10 min before and 10 to 20 min after depending on when Anya wakes up. I just had to share this with those of you struggling with the scale. I'm telling you now to throw it out!!  Bring out a taoe measure and do workouts where you rotate between cardio and strength. Also I learned to EAT BREAKFAST! If you don't, your body will go into starvation mode and turn everything you eat into fat! Just had to share my mini achievement with you. I was pretty excited. :)

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