Monday, November 21, 2011

Large Vintage Projects! 1959 Schwinn Bike and Glider Swing

Our old lake house that my great grandfather built is up for sale. It's aweful since we have had so many memories at the cabin. It was broken into a couple weeks ago and they took all the copper out from under the house and my grandmother's planters that were out front. Why would someone steal planters?? Anyway, Wes and I asked my grandmother if it was ok to go and get some things that we would like. She said yes and to get pretty much whatever. I didn't get a whole lot of things because a lot of it I don't feel like is mine to have. I took the glider swing (above), the old dinner bell, my great grandmother's sewing box, some old books, an oversized decorative key to hang on the wall, old tools, a fishing pole, gravy boat, coffee cups that Wes liked, those heavy irons people used to use, and my great grandmother's 1959 Fair Lady Schwinn Bike!

When I got home I decided I wanted to strip down the swing and stain it back to it's original self. The swing has been at the lake house for as long as anyone can remember and has always been white. Well, once I started stripping it down I realized it's got about a million layers of paint on it. Green being the original color. So needless to say it's going to take me a long time. I think it will look great once I'm done though. I'm not sure what I want to stain it yet. I've got a while to think about it!

Here is my great grandmother's schwinn bike. I have done some research on it and cannot find any like it with the rack on the back with the reflectors on it. I know women's bikes arent really worth anything. (I learned that from American Pickers!) Though I do want to fix it up and keep it for myself. It just looks too awesome not to and most importantly it belonged to my great grandmother. I would love to keep it in the family and pass it down! Anyone have any other information on the bike I don't know already?? I would love to hear it!

The back rack with the reflectors.

It's really not in that bad of shape considering it's been under the lake house for who knows how long! It needs some new tires and a chain and a little elbow work and it should look fabulous! I am also looking for a headlight to go with it.

What projects are you working on?


  1. In as new condition one is selling for $540.00 on eBay. Might want to rethink that "not worth anything"! It a fab bike! Cheers!

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