Monday, November 28, 2011

How to clean the saddle springs on a bicycle.

Upon trying to clean these springs/coils, whatever you call them, I got to a point where I thought "I will never be able to get to the inside"! So I did some research online thinking there had to be a video on how to clean these things! Well, I had no such luck. Lucky for me, I have a handy husband and father-in-law. With those two they were able to come up with a way to clean the inside! I decided to post this so if someone else like me were in this situation could follow this blog on how to clean them on the inside.

I don't know the names for half the stuff they used, but the pictures explain themselves really. They secured the springs inside with the nuts and pulled them apart securing them in a way it stayed uncoiled. Making it much easier to get in the inside.

 Though we still couldn't get in the inside with the tool, we had to use good ol' sandpaper. What you do is tear off a small, skinny piece and loop it around the inside of the coil. Then you sand the inside of the coil as if you were polishing the bottom of your shoe with a towel in a back and forth motion. Since the rust ruined the chrome, we decided to use the spraypaint chrome. I know it probably devalues it, but I don't plan on selling it and it's cheaper and will protect it from rusting again.

So I hope this helps those of you who may be wondering how the heck to derust the inside of those pesky coils!

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  1. Very cool works and one other trick that works just as well as the sandpaper but leaves no scratches is the use of double ott (.00)steelwool just as you've demonstrated here. Thanks for sharing your resto project!