Thursday, August 25, 2011

Greeting Cards and Tags Whoo hoo!

Ok, so I got my first sale a few days ago.  The buyer who was incredibly helpful and to be quite honest put my butt into gear on making my artwork into cards. I had bought cardstock a while back to attempt to make cards but never got around to it. So here I am now making some swesome cards and tags.  I'm selling them on my Etsy shop at  I made some more silhouette cut out art also!  Loving it!  I can't wait to do a craft show, I think they will do well, especially the cards. Check it out!

The following pictures are of my new cut outs! 

The Witch's Cabinet 


 The Nightmare Before Christmas

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  1. I really like the cut outs! I am doing my first craft show soon to and hope to have some greeting cards ready :) Good luck with your sales. Abby