Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Warercolor Pencils and Christmas

So I'm dabbling in watercolor for the first time since elementary school. I got inspired while watchung Project Runway. There is a girl on there with the same name as my daugter , Anya, which was cool to me since her name is so unusual. Anyaway, there was a quick scene where Anya was packing up her stuff and I saw a pack of colored penciles labeled "Watercolor Pencils".  Why have I not heard of these or seenthem in the arts and crafts store? So I did a little "You Tube" research on how to use these babies and learned it's a beatufiful combination of drawing and painting. Well, i ended up buying me a small pack of pencils just to try it out before I forked over 40.00 for the bigger pack to see how I lked them. The imiges below are two designs I'm working on for Christmas cards. My designs are going towards fashionistas in winter. I love how they're almost cartoonish. I know I keep jumping around to different mediums but I love the challenge.   Any ideas for some fashion forward wintersnow bunnies? I'd love to hear it!!                                                                                                 

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