Thursday, October 13, 2011

Setting Up Shop At Warm Springs, GA


Left side of the street...

Right side of the street. My cards are in the shop that's circled "Southern Magnolias"

If you have never been to Warm Springs and you live in Georgia, you have to visit! There is a lot of history there and they always have a lot of festivities going on around the Holidays. Warm Springs was the adopted  hometown of President Franklin Roosevelt. They also have a quaint little shopping center for you to visit. There is a restaurant called "The Bulloch House". A restaurant that used to be fresh home cooked meals buffet style in a beautiful house that's over 100 years old, has now been taken over by new owners and all their food seems to come from a can nowadays. That's the only negative I have about Warm Springs. I would recommend visiting the shops beside it, but go to one of the places to eat in the town where all the shopping is.

Anyway, Anya, myself, my mother, sister-in-law and her baby all went to Warm Springs to visit. I have always thought to put some things for sale in one of their shops, but seemed like I was always moving around to where I couldn't commit. Also, I have a fear of committing and not selling anything. So we visit and we go into this shop "Southern Magnolias". This store has always been my favorite filled with booths from local artists, crafters and collectors. So I ask her how much a section is. She mentioned renting a shelving unit for $25.00/month. What a great deal! So I got her number and was planning on renting next year. Well, my mother-in-law threw me a curve ball and rented me a booth. So this past weekend I had a love affaire with my cards and envelopes. It took me days just to get an inventory of about 50 packs and that's even after I cut them down from 10 cards to 5 per pack!

My plan is to rent through the holiday season and see how I like it. They have a few events happening that brings a lot of traffic into the town:

 Saturday, November 5 - 10 am - 3 pm Fala Day in Warm Springs -  Merchants in downtown Warm Springs will host Fala Day. 

 Friday, Saturday, November 18, 19  10 am - 10pm & Sunday Nov. 20 - 12 noon - 6 pm 28th Annual Candlelight Tour Festival in Warm Springs Village! Experience Christmas the Warm Springs way!  Start your holiday season here in Warm Springs!  Entertainment, candlelit streets, refreshments and more!  Shops open til 10 PM on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 18 and 19.  (Regular hours observed Sunday thru Thursday).  Tradition will continue with our "After Candlelight" festivities when shops will remain open late each weekend until Christmas.

Friday, November 18 - Candlelight Tour Run - 1 Mile - 9:30 pm, 5K - 10:00 pm.  Chamber of Commerce in Downtown Warm Springs.  The course is a fun, rolling, race through the holiday-season lighted downtown Warm Springs.  Both races begin and end at the Chamber of Commerce building at 91 Broad Street. 
Shop Warm Springs!   Shops have extended WEEKEND hours this holiday season (beginning Nov. 25) - each Friday and Saturday night until Christmas,  shop with us til 9:00 pm.  (Regular hours observed Sunday through Thursday). Share your holiday season with us in Warm Springs!  Our town is beautifully decorated with thousands of tiny sparkling  lights, green garland and red bows!  Streets and walkways are lined with candles.  From the moment you step out of your car you'll feel the excitement of Christmas!  Hear the clip-clop of the horses?  That's our horse drawn carriage giving rides to shoppers. 
Hear the music?  Sounds of Christmas drift throughout town.  Smell the wonderful aroma?  Enjoy refreshments served by many of the local shops. Visiting Warm Springs will surely put you in the holiday mood!   Front door parking and warm friendly faces to greet you and fantastic prices that can't be beat!  We're open every day year 'round!  Shop weekdays and Sundays til 6:00 pm AND, beginning Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 25) until Christmas, shop til 9 pm on Friday and Saturday.  Candlelight tradition began back in 1983 during a major renovation of Warm Springs when one shop owner rolled a piano onto the sidewalk.  Customers were invited to share in the playing and singing of traditional Christmas carols.  As night time approached, the sidewalks were lit with candles and the music continued for hours!  Today, we continue that candlelight tradition. During this Christmas season - shops have extended their weekend hours.  Each Friday and Saturday night until Christmas we'll be open til 9:00 pm.  (Regular hours observed Sunday through Thursday).
Come and experience the warmth of Warm Springs...
Warm town...Warm people...™ Warm Springs, Georgia!


Anya enjoying the fountain at one of the cool local shops.

 I loved this picture of her.

Usually Anya likes being around Noa, I guess not today, lol!

That was our trip and how my crazy weekend started! How was your weekend?

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