Monday, September 12, 2011

New Pieces and New Paper!

Hello everyone! I've been super busy now that I'm back home in Georgia. I've been working on my paper cut art since there is absolutely no room here to paint. I sold my first paper cut art last week! This is the one I sold....

So I just got my new paper made for silhouette art. It's hygloss silhouette paper that wont fade. It's also a lot easier on my hands! Here are some new pieces I have made. The swinging girl is listed on my Etsy site.

I also have a zibbet shop at . I was a featured seller. You can read my interview here. Also I will be apart of the Z BOX. It a box you can buy with a bunch of samples from Zibbet sellers.

Do you have nay ideas as to what you would like to see in papercut art? What do you think would sell well? I would love some outside advice! Cheers!


  1. I think Woodland is still pretty hot right now. Something like that might sell well. You know deer, owls...birch trees...Stuff like that.
    I'm so glad you are selling them! They look awesome!

  2. Thanks Gretchen. I'll do some research!

  3. Wow, the Wonderland one is so cool! I fav'd it so when I have some spare money I can get one, LOL! I agree with Gretchen, I've seen a number of people selling woodland type stuff, especially owls, that seems to be the recent craze! Thanks for your comment on my blog as well. :-)